I’ve been reading about the “future” of SEO (cause I’m weird like that) and the one thing that is clear is this – SEO is not going away.

That obvious point aside, what exactly is the future of SEO then? And do you need to be worrying about it? I could go high tech and talk about creepy things like artificial intelligence, but I’m going to keep it simple. There are a few things you should be thinking about now to make the most of what’s coming for SEO.

Let’s break it down into two key areas:

One: General Knowledge: the importance of nailing a solid SEO strategy now.


I’ve made no secret of the fact I love (yes, I said LOVE) Rand Fishkin. He is the Oracle of SEO knowledge in my world and so I often listen to his weekly updates and read his blog posts. In one of his recent posts, he talked about the future of SEO in very simple terms. In short, larger organisations are now well aware of the power of SEO. Being aware of same, means it becomes a standard part of their marketing budget.

Why is that concerning for you? Well, think about the size of that budget, compared to your marketing budget. Think about the teams they have working on their SEO, versus little old you. So in time larger businesses will be able to outperform smaller ones, because they have been investing in their SEO for the long term.

If you’re competing against some big players, this means it’s going to be much harder for you to outrank them.

Now don’t freak out. There are some simple steps you can take now to firm up your place in Google, without spending a million dollars.

Things you can do now to ensure your SEO is solid for the future:

  1. Think about your “brand”. If you can build a brand presence, then people will start to search for you and not your keywords. This will be SUPER powerful in the future.


  1. Put an SEO strategy in place now. It doesn’t have to be complex, have a think about relevant keywords for your audience and put them where they need to be on the site.


  1. Work on a content plan, to compliment the point above. Write a blog to share your knowledge, to educate and to entertain your followers. Most importantly, start to grow your traffic to your site, which should in turn help you grow your authority (and win points from Google).


Two: Thinking about future technologies and shifts in search


It would be remiss of me to publish this post without also touching on changes that will be coming to search. The two areas you should be thinking about are mobile and voice search. Let’s ignore everything else for the purposes of this post and again, keep it simple.


Mobile Search

The shift from desktop to mobile search is already happening, so it’s nothing new. But, you may not know what it means for your business. Mobile search is googling on your mobile, which provides a different set of search results than desktop (try it for yourself). It means in terms of searches carried out in this way, it’s no longer good enough to rank on the first page for a search term, you need to be in the top few results.


Voice Search

Voice will have a massive impact on search rankings and results – even more so than the shift to mobile search. What is voice search? Voice search is when you ask Google a question using your voice, rather than typing in your query. This type of search means Google looks for a direct answer, so ranking number 1 is key. Ranking in the top few will still be great, but that top result is going to be the winner in most cases.

How do you ensure you’re ready for the coming changes to search?

Don’t worry, in the future you will still receive traffic from all types of search, it’s the % share that will change. That aside, here’s how you can prepare for future changes – all these are important now, in any case:


  1. Make sure your site has an SSL


  1. Make sure your website loads fast


  1. Write easy to follow, engaging content


  1. Update your site and grow your domain authority


Sounds easy, right? It always does in a bullet list – but never fear we are here to help you if you need it! Comment below or feel free to contact us and we can get you on the right track.

The most important thing to take away from this post is that having SEO in mind is critical to your online success. But don’t panic, the single most important thing you can do is provide useful, interesting content for your audience. Useful content gets read, gets shared and ensures people stay around on your website. This shows Google you are a handy dandy source of information and an authority in your niche. If you can do that, your rankings will reward you.

What can you publish on your website today, that will help inform your audience, and in turn build your credibility?

Kristy Morton

Kristy Morton is the co-founder of B Directory, providing outside of the box solutions for small business to help supercharge their growth. One of the ways they do this is by connecting business, bloggers and influencers to create the right online partnerships.

Kristy also runs a web development consultancy, specialising in WordPress sites. Kristy combines her excellent technical knowledge with her ability to translate this into ways that are understandable to the average person, so her clients feel informed and in control of how their websites are developed and managed.

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