Apparently there’s this new thing now where you can start feeding your baby solids any time you like. 

Everyone is doing it. The rules have changed (apparently).

But before you jump on the band wagon, perhaps you should be absolutely certain that information is correct before you permanently ruin your child’s gut. And by certain I don’t mean ask the mum’s in your mothers group, I mean ask a professional (cos spoiler alert – that information is not correct).

Unless you’ve experienced a fussy eater, it’s probably one of the last thing you worry about when you first have a baby. 

First you’ll worry about whether they’ll come out with 10 fingers and toes, then you’ll move onto the milestones – crawling, walking, talking etc. You’ll have much bigger fears than whether or not your child will eat his vegetables when the time comes.

However we’re living in a time where life threatening allergies and childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic. You would think that with all the resources available these days, we would be better preparing our children for these possibilities. 

But perhaps those resources are part of the problem? What happens when the information your reading is wrong? What happens when the advice seen online or Facebook is just the mere opinion of a fellow mum who read it off someone’s blog? Who read it off someones Instagram and what we really have is some serious Chinese whispers gone haywire?

What is the truth? How can you nutritionally give your child the best start to life? To avoid fussy eating, allergens, obesity? 


What is the the truth about when you can start feeding your baby solids?


It starts with an expert. Someone like Dr Kyla Smith – innovator, queen of healthy baby food and founder of Baby Mealtimes. 

Dr Kyla is an actual Paediatric Dietician. Her knowledge is real and her passion is ensuring we all give our precious babies the best possible start to life we can. All of us, not just those that can afford to seek out the professional services of someone like herself. 

This is what makes her special. Kyla recognised that access to professional experts, such as herself, isn’t always financially viable for the average family. Especially those with new bubs. Ironically, those who need her the most.

Kyla has created a business that allows every household to access her years of knowledge and experience working with fussy eaters with her online subscription Baby Mealtimes. Here you can find expert advice, meal inspiration and a supportive community, all for just $99 a year. 

Her philosophy:

“My philosophy is based on babies learning to enjoy food and feeling confident to explore new tastes and textures. I want to show you how to gently challenge your baby to help them develop the skills they need to manage many different foods as they get older. This helps them to be less fussy and it means that you don’t have to stress about what to feed them. “

So if you’re unsure what information to believe, don’t roll the dice with your baby’s health. Get in touch with Kyla.


Elsa Mitchell

Elsa Mitchell is the co-founder of B Directory, providing outside of the box solutions for small business, to help supercharge their growth. One of the ways they do this is by connecting business, bloggers and influencers to create the right online partnerships. B Directory also provides training and management of marketing services to help ease the overwhelm facing small business today.

Elsa’s ability to provide guidance to B Directory clients is underpinned by her extensive business background. Over ten years ago she established her own salon in the beauty industry, which is now a popular and successful operation. Further to this, Elsa is also the Marketing Director of her family business in the building and construction industry.

Elsa’s success in the customer service industry has allowed her to identify solutions and strategies surrounding bricks and mortar sales and building a positive team culture. A skill set she now is able to utilise to educate her B Directory customers.

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