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Are you a small business owner burdened with the weight of the ALL.THE.THINGS you feel like you need to know and do to run your business?

Are you unsure who to ask for help when you need it and who to trust for advice?

Do you wish you had other awesome people just like you, in your corner encouraging you to succeed?

Are you interested in working with social influencers to help grow your business, but have no idea where to start?

Are you a blogger or social influencer who wants to work with brands, but can’t seem to get a look in?

Do you need help to grow your blog and engage your audience?

Wouldn’t it be nice to meet others in the same situation, so you can encourage each other?

We hear you.

Take a deep breath – you’re in the right place. We’re a couple of small business geeks obsessed with helping others learn and grow their businesses. All in a non scary way, promise.

We are creating a community of like minded individuals who come together to be educated, inspired and connected….and then go out and do awesome things!

Our membership website is a one stop shop for all the tools and support you need to grow your business.

Through our regular members only blog posts, training videos and emails we constantly educate you on how to use social media platforms, SEO and other marketing strategies to grow. 

Our monthly coffee catch ups are FREE to members, so come along as often as you like (for those in Perth, but we welcome everyone, no matter the location!). Each month we cover one topic (such as Facebook, Google Analytics and so on) so we can hear your pain points and share our tips to overcome them. We might have coffee, but we also work!

Members also receive discounts on our regular workshops and digital products.

PLUS – we become your biggest fans and supporters. Who doesn’t want that?


Cheerleading for our members like your Mum at a netball match….

Another one of our unique member benefits is connecting business with bloggers, or even business with business sometimes.

What do we mean?

Well, we’re like a dating agency for bloggers/influencers and small businesses. For example:

We say; “Hey food blogger, your audience would love this café over here, you should write a post for them to help spread the good word.”

Then we say; “Hey café, we have this awesome blogger with an audience that would make great customers for you, how about we get them to publish something online about you for them to read?”

Then you say; “Amazing, hook me up.”

How does this “connecting” bit work?
Blogger paid to write content they love
Business needs more customers
B Directory
More Customers for business
Blogger wants to write about stuff they love
Business wants to promote their products
B Directory
Blogger paid to do what they love

One of our favourite connections

Who is behind b-directory?

Meet Elsa and Kristy. We know how hard it is to get new customers as a small business. How the continual slog and never ending to do lists can “get you down”.

We know what it’s like to find brands to partner with as a blogger. And we’ve experienced the pressures of trying to “be seen” online first hand, both as small businesses and bloggers.

“Helloooooo, we’re over here, we’re really good I promise.”

Sound familiar?

Then read on!

What do you get from b-directory?

1 – A profile in our member directory, visible to all members.

2 – Regular promotion on our Facebook and Instagram pages and potential features on our case study blog posts and member shout outs.

3 – Help to grow your business and brand, through our AMAZING online resource library, full of juicy tips and knowledge – which you can access ANYTIME!

4 – FREE attendance at our monthly Coffee Catch ups and discounts on our workshops and digital products.

5 – Invitations to members only functions and events.

6 – Access to our jobs board where you can: – Bloggers/Influencers: Search for opportunities to work with business. Post an expression of interest.
– Business: Post job opportunities. Search for
bloggers or influencers who may be a match for your needs

7 – Access to a thriving community of like minded individuals who can provide support and inspiration….and some laughs.

PLUS when you sign up, all business members will recieve a FREE Health Check, and Bloggers receive a FREE Media Kit Template. Woo!

Not to mention ongoing access to our resource area, where we share our
juiciest tips to grow your business!

How much does it cost me?

We are currently refreshing our membership options to bring the best value to our members! 

Our membership is super low risk, as we offer a money back guarantee and you can cancel at anytime.

How do I join?

So glad you asked – we would love to have you! Just click on the button below to register your interest for our membership (obligation free, of course).

What our members are saying about our community
A massive thank you to Elsa and Kristy who have not only shown me the beautiful benefits of the interaction and collaboration of bloggers with small business, they have made it fun too!! I highly recommend joining the b_directory to be part of something bigger than yourself. Don’t worry if you aren’t terribly blog savvy, my learning curve has been steep and that’s the beauty of having the girls along to assist you!!
Rowena Hateley, Owner, The Flourish Centre
Please familiarise yourself with our terms and conditions before becoming a member.

Terms and Conditions

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