It never ceases to amaze me how you can get a feel for someones energy just from reading an email they send. Given I have spent 18 years in a face to face customer service business, online communication is still extremely foreign to me. Which makes no sense given we have created an internet based business. I’m weird I know.

So when we get a new customer like Tiffany Droge, who’s enthusiasm and drive oozes out of my computer and into my lounge room, I get quite excited.

I have never met Tiffany in person, I have never spoken to her on the phone. Our relationship is built purely on emails and a little internet stalking. From this alone I have been able to establish that Tiffany is passionate about her product and her brand. She has the “do whatever it takes” attitude that really is a must for any small business success. She is the queen of “mum innovation” and she has created an Australian owned brand & product that caters for the everyday “real family”.

I was so inspired and a little infected with her vivacious energy that I hit Tiffany up for an interview (so that you might catch it too). Tiffany is the owner and founder of Puggle Baby Australia with her key products being the Pram Organiser and a super savvy and innovative Nappy Changing Wallet.

Hot tip: A puggle is a baby echidna (I did not know this).


Ok, so you own your own business, why on earth did you decide to do that?


My husband Nathan and I wanted to have a “Plan B” in place for when we started our family. It was not until I became a mum and started to buy the baby accessories on the market that I had an epiphany and realised that they needed a real mum’s touch. Most of the products were poorly designed and weren’t that functional. I was confident in my ability to design something much better for other mums and dads and that was when Puggle was born.


What do you love doing in your business the most?


Talking to real mums and dads who are loving our products. Working with Nathan and growing this business together for a better future for our daughter Tanner.


Ok now whats the one thing you hate doing the most?


When the business takes me away from Tanner. Nath and I were at the baby expo last weekend and it was the longest that I have been away from her. I missed her so much. The long nights are tough too, but I know that it will all be 100% worth it when we reach our goals.


What makes you special? You know, stand out from the crowd? Different from everyone else doing what you’re doing?


Hmmm, I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to designing my products. I usually go through between 3-5 sample products before I am 100% happy with the product. Im sure that I give our manufacturer a few sleepless nights with all of my comments. But that’s what I feel gives us the edge. I know what I want and wont accept anything less to provide to our customers.

Something that you may not realise about our products is that they will actually get you back doing what you were doing faster! We all know how fast pace mummy life is! Think how much more valuable shopping time you can get in before nap time, knowing that you can be in and out of the parent rooms with the Puggle Changing Wallet and continue shopping and answer your calls easily with the Puggle Pram Organiser. We have well thought out features that make us stand out amongst our competitors.


What’s new for you in 2018?


We are in the final stages of designing an amazing Nappy Back Pack that is going to rock the Baby Industry!! So stay tuned on our socials for updates!! The functionality of this design will blow you away.


If you had 25 words or less to sell yourself, you would say……….


I’m energetic, passionate and willing to take risks to grow our business. I’m a mum innovator and am going to mix things up in the baby industry.

Get what I mean now? Crazy energetic and we love it. Thank you for the chat Tiffany, you can find our more about Puggle here:

Instagram @pugglebabyau

Facebook: @pugglebabyau 

Email: [email protected]

Elsa Mitchell

Elsa Mitchell is the co-founder of B Directory, providing outside of the box solutions for small business, to help supercharge their growth. One of the ways they do this is by connecting business, bloggers and influencers to create the right online partnerships. B Directory also provides training and management of marketing services to help ease the overwhelm facing small business today.

Elsa’s ability to provide guidance to B Directory clients is underpinned by her extensive business background. Over ten years ago she established her own salon in the beauty industry, which is now a popular and successful operation. Further to this, Elsa is also the Marketing Director of her family business in the building and construction industry.

Elsa’s success in the customer service industry has allowed her to identify solutions and strategies surrounding bricks and mortar sales and building a positive team culture. A skill set she now is able to utilise to educate her B Directory customers.

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