Who are we? B  

The Peeps

We couldn’t have been further apart in career choices, interests and lives.

Who knew 12 years of friendship would bring a loud mouth farm gal (Elsa) and a city slicker numbers geek (Kristy) together as founders of the beautiful business partnership that is, B Directory.

We blogged, we’ve mothered, we’ve built businesses from the ground up and found success in our own individual spaces.

We live and breathe small business. Obsessed you might say. We are the masterminds and we have the answers you seek, to jump those small biz hurdles.

That’s why you need us in your corner.


Who is B Directory

Why exactly should you work with us?

We are as enthusiastic about your business as you are, and if you ever doubt it – look out, we will make you see the way. We absolutely love watching you go “a-ha!” when you get your first Facebook message and high five each other when leads start flowing in from our SEO tweaks and email campaigns.

We are total geeks for small business and proud of it.

Our difference is that we genuinely care about each and every one of our members. We want the success just as much as they do. And together we make it happen.

The Serious Stuff – Our Professional Bios (LinkedIn Style)


Elsa Mitchell owner and operator of a popular Perth hair salon for over 10 years, building it from the ground up into the thriving business it is today.

Elsa is also the marketing manager in a boutique building company created by her husband. Elsa has successfully implemented strategies to establish their family business as a unique, high-end brand with a quality service that enables it be competitive within the market in which it operates.

Kristy Morton runs a web development consultancy, specialising in WordPress sites. She started the business over three years ago and in that time has created a thriving consultancy.

Prior to establishing her consultancy, Kristy worked for over 10 years as Management Accountant in the private sector. Now she works with clients across diverse industries, but her experience in the private sector means that Kristy is focused on optimising results for clients based on their unique needs and budget.

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